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Free Plan


$0 Monthly for Spare Storage and Scheduled 2K Power

$0 Once for Security Deposit

Each time an account is made a server boots up and can't be shut down even  when someone pauses their subscribtion. By taking turns with those spare resources, we can offer a visit to the CoOS universe for less moolah like booking a flight.


If someone needs a break from their subscription, their spare storage space is shared with the free plan. 


Every mod(program) in space needs to be kept alive so the processor is kept going too and it's capacity is shared with the free plan too.


Even though an abandoned account doesn't use resources to stream, for marketing reasons we would like to set aside so many of those accounts so people can try it out because we are confident if people try it they can love it.



We want everyone to have access even if they arn't rich or want to try it before they subscribe for more. Not only does this mean free scheduled visits, but for those who want to subscribe, we can cut the once cost, until we have enough spare servers to make free plan waiting times reasonable. For a new subscriber this means a huge savings.

All these features mean nothing is a loss if you choose to use everything.

Paid Plan


$35 Monthly for 1T Storage and 2K Power

$10 Once for Security Deposit

The CoOS service is sustainable, meaning we pay for what we use and we use what we pay for. When you subscribe to the Paid Plan your money is spent on hosting your CoOS experience. The current price of the Paid Plan is $20 per month and $0 one time boot up fee.


Your subscription is spent on storage hardware to save all the content you create and copy. A fraction of this also funds the maintainace and replacement of this hardware as it wears out over time. The goal with the minimum storage space is enough for you not to fear running out to the point that you limit yourself. The current Storage included with the Paid Plan is 1TB and will increase over time.


Your subscription is spent on processor hardware to digest shapes(3d models), keep react mods(programs), and render your perspective, so that space is responsive. A fraction of this also funds the maintainace and replacement of this hardware as it wears out over time.


Your subscription is spent on network hardware to recieve your controls, and send you live images to your device. A fraction of this also funds the maintainace and replacement of this hardware as it wears out over time.




We aim to upgrade your service at the rate that prices fall to maintain a steady subscription, Since this can't be exact your subscription is spent on a buffer to slow the differences to only update once a year.

All these features mean the subscription is priced to protect both your virtual life and your wallet. For a receipt of expenses click here.



An additional $25 Monthly for Double Storage and Double Power

$0 Once for Security Deposit

The CoOS is limitless so you can always upgrade your Life Plan service to increase your resources


If you run out of space boost to keep the build growing.


If your mods are running slow because so many are sharing the power boost to keep them alive.


If your ready for higher quality streaming, or VR, boost to imerse yourself.

Waiting to boost till your ready to make, makes the most of your resources.



Investing in the CoOS is investing in your home. There are a plethora of upgrades we are developing. Vote on your priorities by investing.


Do you want to share your life more? Invest in the Invitations.

Do you want to create a new kind of shape? Invest in Shape Tools.

Do you want to make mods run faster? Invest in Mod Tools.

Do you want your landscapes to be jawdroping? Invest in Rendering.

Vote on categorys like these or start your own, inviting your friends to invest to make it happen.


Bet on CoOS as a whole and your investment will contribute to whatever milestones are next on the schedule.

Decentralization, Diversity, Network Freedom, these principles contribute to a reliable, sustainable, safe foundation to build a virtual life on. 

Host for Boost

Do you have your own powerful computer, a good connection, a frugal spirit?

You could host your own services to boost or discount your subscription.

Certify for Profit

Does your computer or server farm pass our tests? You could earn a certification to host other people's accounts and make a profit.



You are more valuable than money, serve the CoOS and get served for less, free, or even make a profit.


There are so many dreams to make true and you could help others make it so.

From as small as sharing the tag someone needs to search for, to teaming up with hundreds of other tutors to build a galaxy, you can get paid for your help. Check out the projects here and offer what you have, or join a school led by other tutors to build up your skillset.



Join an accountability group and grade eachother to improove community saftey. This will be obsoleted by AI eventually as the virtual world identified and tagged automaticly. This is simular to how captchas used human input to identify objects. This allows people to filter what they see to keep themselves healthy. 


Do you love the CoOS, a specific place, feature, or community? Share this with your friends and get paid for inviting when they join. 


Boast your drive and join the development team to develop the next milestones to upgrade the CoOS for yourself and the rest of humanity.


Transparency is a critical principle for the trust that's required for a metaverse host. For that we expose our expenses so you can know where your money goes.

Minimum Monthly Expenses

$1 Storage Drive 1TB SSD 10year replacement cycle

$1 Network 40Mbps

$12 Processor RTX 3080 5year replacement cycle

$10 Maintanace Labor

$1 Economy Buffer

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