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FF1945 255,25,69 Foster Fulfillment By Clarifying Purpose, Equipping Strength, Unifying Efforts By Whatever Strategies that will most Effectively Build Paradise on Purpose, like Clarifying a Vision of a Paradise Worth Building, Developing Self Coaching Curriculum to Find the Strength to Build, Cultivating a Unifying Family Culture that Cooperatively Compensates for Weaknesses To be fulfilled you must have a clear understanding of your purpose. To be fulfilled you must be equipped to move on your purpose. To be fulfilled you must move together

I'm researching our purpose and develop curriculum to improve our probability of fulfillment. Our HOPEHOOD MISSION is To Foster Ultimate Fulfillment We do this by researching Purpose and clarifying Purpose and living on Purpose. We study the futures and best possible ideal, strategies to get there, and build self coaching curriculum with what I learn. One of those strategies is a united life, community, which is just starting! Not hopewood success, motivation, self help, counsiling, master, win, ai, longevity, metaverse, discord, books, school lessons, paradise,  here is our purpose-driven alignment with the purpose at the top in the movement supporting that purpose the only way to be ultimately fulfilled is to fulfill life's ultimate purpose So Hood started a lab to research this purpose we share what we learn as a curriculum because one thing that improves our chances of fulfillment of our purpose is trying together we call this fostering we personally teach the curriculum which actually makes this a school we build spaces for events that bring the community together the research lab also produces the ideal Vision letting us toce effectively a paradise which is the best possible state of being by maxing out our capability we are more able to fulfill our purpose one way is to inspire people by casting a vision of the ideal like Star Trek did for us when we were kids the story movement defines and develops the utopian genre and we are going first writing a time travel Trilogy to share our homesick for Paradise feeling that inspires us we've also identified three keys to Paradise which will make the biggest impact on our capabilities the first is immortality because to fulfill life's ultimate purpose requires life sounds difficult but this movement is pushing the latest resarch on longevity such as improving our bodies with nutrition exercise genetics but also backing up our thoughts and our will with AI so it can extend our Effectiveness that leads us to the second key AGI or artificial general intelligence exceeding our own plus an unlimited optimized Workforce naturally producing abundance an economy where every need is met so we've started another movement to develop this AI partner the final key we've identified is a true metaverse a virtual shared seamless Limitless Universe giving Humanity every superpower virtually so we have started development ourselves the design is basically complete after two decades of work and the coding process is on pause as next year's AI will likely be capable of completing the job in less time next we are developing principles building a virtual life worth living in the metaverse we use AI to ideate 100,000 possibilities and game jam out possible mechanics what's amazing is this fostering movement snowballs to help people directly pursue purpose but also join Hood to build Paradise so that's it the purpose-driven alignment because the only thing that matters is what matters ultimately

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